Budō Taijutsu Black Mug 11oz

  • $14.99

Budō Taijutsu is the combat method taught by Soke Hatsumi Masaaki in the Bujinkan. It consolidates the 9 separate ryūha or schools that cover the martial arts of the Bujinkan.

This design uses the Kanji of Budō Taijutsu over the top of the very commonly used incomplete red circle with the overlay of a Tengu who guards a Japanese temple. We use the old style kanji for the designs that are commonly used on Bujinkan Certificates issued from Hombu.

This high-quality 11oz. ceramic black mug has a premium hard coat that provides crisp and vibrant color reproduction sure to last for years. Perfect for all hot & cold beverages.TuWillows Guarantee

    • High Gloss + Premium Black Finish

    • ORCA Coating

    • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

    • 3.8″H x 3.8″W x 3.3″D

    • 10.3″ Circumference

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